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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Wondering and Whining

Lovely July in SW Michigan
Normally there are days in July when it's too hot to move, but this year July was totally pleasant and I'm grateful.

The Kalamazoo area just finished the coolest July on record. As of Thursday, the average July temperature was 67.5 degrees.

After the long endless winter that started early, ended late, and dumped record amounts of snow on us, the thinking citizens of SW Michigan (at least some of us) are wondering what's going on with global warming?

I'm wondering if people in other areas of the world are noticing a warming trend. If so, some of that heat belongs to us, but you're welcome to keep it.

Hungry Squirrel
This time of year the yard is full of seeds and all types of food for the birds to eat, so I haven't felt guilty not keeping the feeders full.

One little red squirrel was so unhappy about losing his easy sunflower seed that Tuesday morning he chewed through the screen nearest where we keep the seed bags and came inside to help himself.

I was rudely awakened Tuesday morning by objects falling in the living room as the squirrel ran around hysterically looking for the exit. At one point he started a second hole in a kitchen screen, but couldn't hold still long enough to finish it once I started opening windows and trying to chase him out with eventual success.

The dogs were sleeping in the bedroom. They didn't even have the ambition to bark. Not that it would have helped. There was fracas enough without canine participation.

Anticipating Computer Death
My computer is occasionally acting abnormal. So far a reboot has solved the problem, but I suspect someday soon I'll be seeing a blank screen of death.

It's three years old on August 7, the day my extended warranty from Best Buy runs out. I'm not renewing it for $400, thank you anyway. I'll find someone else to repair it or buy a new one, and there will be no extended warranty when I do.

A year ago I needed to use the warranty when the operating system was corrupted. Turns out THAT wasn't covered and I had to pay to have it done. To add insult to injury, it took them a week to do something that should have taken a few hours.

I saved me writing and you reading lots of boring details, but I'll sum up by saying I was so not impressed by the Geek Squad. Plus, they have no manners. At least not when dealing with customers.

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