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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Doggy School Pool Party

Thursday evening Pappy's doggy school class was invited to a pool party.

As usual at this type of event, I was having too much fun to take many pictures and regret it now that it's time to write a blog post.

It all looks so orderly and peaceful in my pictures. In reality there was much coaxing, talking, splashing, and wet-dog shaking. Lots and lots of splashing and wet-dog shaking. Another reason the camera didn't come out more.

Most of the water loving dogs were used to wading out gradually into a lake. Diving off the edge of a pool required some learning.

The most popular activity was to throw a Frisbee or other toy in the water and then convince a dog to go in and fetch it.

Some of the dogs learned to use the pool steps.

Even the good swimmers loved the life vests. It made everything so much easier.

A few of the dogs with non-buoyant rear ends needed life vests to stay up.

There were a few dogs who thought being in the water was not a good idea at all. They were excused to play in the large, fenced in yard or to watch from the sidelines.

Gracie, in the picture, wanted to be as far away from the pool as possible once her quick dip was over.

I knew Pappy's opinion of swimming: Why would any sane dog want to do that?!!!

He enjoyed the agility course set up outside the pool enclosure.

Walking the plank is one of his favorites. In this picture he's not happy with me because I asked him to pause on top for a picture. He does like to please, however, so he did it. We did the course multiple other times so he could run the whole plank without stopping.

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