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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Knitting Log for March 20

Lavold Garnet sweater front knit up to the underarm decreasesIt seems when I have socks on the needles, it's the socks I pick up to knit. So, I'm taking a sock break and knitting on my version of the Lavold Garnet Sweater. I'm up to the first underarm bind off on the front (in picture) and the back (not shown).

This afternoon I sat down with a pencil and wrote out my instructions for the sleeve openings.

Since the pattern has no schematic drawing, the first thing I did before starting to knit was to draw out the measurements that would be obtained if the pattern was followed as written. It was very enlightening.

The band at the hip was 36 inches for a 40 inch finished bust measurement. That doesn't work for my body, so I cast on more stitches and skipped the increases from hip to bust.

The total length of the sleeve opening is 7.75 inches. I suppose there is some lucky young thing somewhere who needs a 40 inch bust measurement and has thin upper arms, but it's not going to work for me. I need at least 8.5 inches to be comfortable. 9 is better.

Close up picture of the Lavold Garnet laceHere's a close up of the lace panel that runs down the front.

Once I get the front and back done and the shoulders sewn together, I'll try the sweater on. If it looks like it's going to fit nicely and I like what I see, I'll make long sleeves and run the lace down the top of the sleeve.

If I'm not impressed and just want the sweater done as quickly as possible, it will get short sleeves like the pattern shows.

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