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Friday, March 04, 2005

Knitting Log For March 4

It was a nice break from knitting and now I'm ready to get back to the needles.

First thing that needs to be done is . . .

John's Basketweave Ribbing Socks
The first sock is done. The second sock is about four inches into the cuff.

Normally I knit both socks at the same time because I have serious SSS (Second Sock Syndrome, not wanting to knit the second sock once the first sock is done). This pair is no exception.

Fortunately I have a mid-March birthday deadline to keep me going on sock two. Now that it's cast on and available to pick up during spare moments, I expect to make quick progress with it.

Many people have requested the pattern, so I'm attempting to write it down for a ladies size medium while knitting the socks for a 6 foot 5 inch man. In order to test knit the pattern I will need to knit a second pair of socks in a ladies medium.

I'm trying to remember what stash yarn I have that will look good with this stitch pattern. It needs to be solid or have short color repeats. No stripes. I'm sure there are several candidates in my bins that I don't remember owning. I'm looking forward to digging through forgotten yarn.

Six Sox Knitalong Spiral Stashbusters
I'm 95% decided to disqualify myself for the grand prize drawing by not knitting this sock. Sigh. If I had known I was going to skip a sock, I never would have taken time to knit the beaded sock, either.

The pattern itself is a sock engineering masterpiece. It would be fun to try out the new techniques. I just have too many other knitting goals at a higher priority right now.

Yesterday Yahoo decided the Six Sock Knitalong group is X rated. Now anyone who wants to view the sock pictures has to agree they are over 18.

According to Yahoo,
"This area contains material of a mature and adult nature the (sic) may not be suitable for younger users."

Six Soxers had several interesting ideas on how our group got X rated, like this explanation from Sheron:
"Yahoo has committed to hiring the illiterate and they can't tell the difference between 'six', 'sox', and 'sex'.

With that attitude we can give them sox and they will think they had sex."
No birth control needed.

KnitPicks Order
The KnitPicks Winter 2005 catalog has been making my online ordering finger twitch ever since it arrived. Last night I submitted my order and today it shipped.

I'll tell you more when it arrives.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marguerite,
Maybe your new pattern could be submitted to the Six Sox Knitalong. As you probably know, they took a poll and members overwhelmingly want it to continue past the next (and would-be-final sock). They are asking if any sock designers have patterns they are willing to share. Just an idea!

Anonymous said...

My blog has been x-rated too. Apparently I mentioned that my MIL had been moved to an adult group home and now Google has me listed with a bunch of "adult" sites. How funny - I'm about as G rated as they come! I got my Knit Picks order the other day and I am thrilled. I got the Alpaca Cloud lace weight and now want a skein in every color. And at those prices I might actually be able to afford it. Looking forward to seeing what you ordered and how you like it. Dorothy/Missouri Star