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Sunday, August 03, 2014

A Dozen Progress Pictures From a Bruptle Week

Life has been happy but busy since Jay and I got together a little over a year and a half ago. Getting married but not living together and deciding to build a condo has not made things more serene. Until about six months ago I used the word 'fracas' to describe a week where most plans had to be abandoned for something more urgent and unplanned.

Jay is a precise man, even more precise than I am. (He would make a great knitter.) He looked up the word 'fracas' and decided I needed a better word.

noun: fracas; plural noun: fracas; plural noun: fracases

a noisy disturbance or quarrel.
synonyms: disturbance, brawl, melee, rumpus, skirmish, struggle, scuffle, scrum, clash, fisticuffs, altercation; More

He was right, as he sometimes is.

We tried out a few words, but they didn't accurately describe the situation. So he made up a word: 'Bruptle'.

I needed to write all that because last week was a bruptle week. By noon on Monday I knew that I may as well just say 'whatever' and forego all organized plans. And that was the way the week continued until today when we both decided to stay in our our own home and sleep in and recover our strength and sanity.

And that is the long explanation, without boring narrative of bruptle events which would make the explanation even longer, of why I only have one blog post this week even though work on the house continued all week.

The ditch along the mostly north side of the house was filled in and the peak above the office was sided with shakes.

Porch rails have been delivered to the garage. May be a bit premature since the porch isn't poured yet, but it's nice they're on hand.

The master shower has a drain. Hey, when it's our house even a shower drain is exciting and picture worthy.

There are cans in the ceiling for the recessed lighting.

The deck rail was mounted so the siding people could side the back of the house. And they did have it sided by Saturday.

The water heater was installed in the mechanical half of the basement.

The furnace and air filter were installed but not functional.

There is duct work in the basement and duct work in the walls. There is also duct work in a bedroom spot we did not agree to in the walk through and right where I need to put my bedside table. We've requested it be moved and they've agreed to move it, but it hasn't happened yet.

Ducts are a new thing for me. I've been living with hot water heat for the last 50 years, ever since I left my original home. Looking forward to the air conditioning that ducts allow.

There is now a bathtub and shower in the basement. Wish I could have seen them get it down there. It couldn't have been easy.

The garage peak has been sided with shakes. The front face of the garage will be brick.

We opted for three recessed lights across the front of the garage instead of carriage lights on the brick. The canisters are in.

The front of the breakfast room has been sided. Almost done with the siding now.

Brother Dave from Oregon was here Friday and Saturday and enjoyed seeing the house. He was not bruptle. He was a blessing. If I hadn't been brain dead by then, I would have remembered to take his picture.

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kathy b said...

well it will all be worth it. Truly