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Sunday, July 27, 2014

More Siding and Shower Plumbing

A Saturday visit to Oak Haven is becoming habit. The work people are gone and we can wander around looking everything over and saying, "Wow". We say "wow" often when we visit our new home because the whole thing, including being married, is, well, WOW!

First thing we noticed was the finished peak above the breakfast room. Wow.

Then we walked around to the north side of the house and admired the siding.

The back is still in progress. They can't side on the far side of the four season room until the deck rail is on the house.

The next three pictures are for Jay. He researched many hours to come up with the plumbing for the master bath shower and he was excited to see some of it in place.

The hand held is on the shower wall opposite the rainshower head and controls. It is off to one side so someone sitting on the shower seat is able to reach up and grab it.

Plumbing on the control side of the master shower.

Home of the future shower controls with the plumbing for the rainshower head visible above the shower stall.

We also found plumbing in the laundry room for the washer. This is going to be my first main floor laundry and I'm very excited about it. Wow.

Saw the blueprint hanging in the laundry room and just had to take a picture of the title box. Double wow.


kathy b said...

wow wow owo

I LOVE your new life

Unknown said...

Pretty exciting! It seems to be going quickly (at least to a blog reader in a comfy chair). Good luck--and thank you for sharing the journey.