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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wall Mud, Red Rosin Paper, and Deck Boards

We're making a habit of Wednesday and Saturday visits to the new house. One might think we would be checking it everyday, but reality is we are too busy for that.

It's a bit of a drive and the most obvious ways to get there are under major road construction. We don't mind because the end result is going to be a new Costco just a few miles away. We love Costco and our nearest one is in Grand Rapids, so this is a big deal for us.

As we drove up to the house, we could see the drywall mud in the garage. As predicted, the red rosin paper is protecting the garage floor.

Inside we found the entire house finished with the first coat of drywall mud, including the basement. The subfloor is also papered with red rosin paper.

This (above) is the great room looking toward the outside walls.

And this is the bedroom.

Looking out the window, we spotted deck boards. The railings are along side the house ready to go on.

The yard has been graded and is decent size on the northwest side considering this is a condo village. We learned that we are going to get neighbors on Lot 11, the lot we originally chose. There is a forty foot easement between Lot 12/us and Lot 11, which is nice spacing. It will be fun to watch their house go up from the comfort of our home.

After leaving we went to Bilbo's and had Wednesday night fifty cent chicken wings and a pulled pork pizza. Both were excellent.


Jan said...

I'm really enjoying the construction process! We were all set to build when we came across the house in the right neighborhood that had all the items on our wish list (and came close to the right price). I was kind of sorry that we missed making all those decisions...until this week when we went lamp shopping! If buying lamps is that complicated, I can't imagine us building a house!
Thanks again for sharing with us. Best wishes,

kathy b said...

Im going to have FIREMAN look at all these images as your house has developed!