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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Second Coat of Mud

On our Saturday trip to Oak Haven we never uttered at single 'wow'. Considering such a little thing as a SOLD sign on our empty lot elicited many wows back in April, the lack of wowing is blog worthy.

I blame it on being exhausted from sorting and packing at our current homes and the high temperature and humidity inside our unfinished home.

It was nice to see that work is continuing and progress is being made. Very very nice. And appreciated. Now that I've had a day of rest, it's almost a wow.

In a struggle to find something to record for this blog post other than more drywall, I took a picture of the empty mud tubes outside the nonexistent garage door.

For a prettier picture, I took the outside of the condo minus the garage on the right because I was too hot and tired to walk back far enough to get the entire condo in the picture.

For those readers who are going to ask about the red rosin paper, it is still on the floor. One of the discussions at lunch after church today was to guess if that means we are due a third layer of mud. There is no more unused mud on site, so I'm guessing not. I think the drywallers left the red rosin paper down for the final sanding.


Jan said...

I understand you being too tired to wow, so why don't I give you one of mine?



kathy b said...

aww it is such a cute pretty home!! Hang in there M!!!!!! Its going to be fabulous

Anonymous said...

It's getting exciting.