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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Insulation and Deck Joists

On our Saturday inspection of Oak Haven we were surprised and pleased at how much had been done since Wednesday.

Note: I have switched from putting picture captions before the pictures to putting picture captions under the pictures.

As we pulled up to park we could see the insulation in the garage.

That window has been in our garage for months. It does not belong to our house and someday it will be taken away. We hope.

Most of the interior has blown in insulation. This is a view of the television wall in the great room.

Up in the still visible attic there are measuring tapes for when they blow in the ceiling insulation.

For future guests who are concerned about the basement guest suite, there is plenty of good insulation in the basement walls as well.

An outdoor water faucet on the mostly south side of the house, not to be confused with the outdoor water faucet on the mostly north side of the house that was shown in a previous blog post even though they look identical.

The deck joists are in place. We're going to have a beautiful 12 x 16 deck with hopefully fewer mosquitoes than I have living in the Almena Swamp.

Deck from the back yard.

The deck is about four feet off the ground. There will be stones underneath once the landscaping is done.


Sheri said...

How exciting! It comes through you posts how excited you are. And, I LOVE the southern most faucet! :o)

kathy b said...

Awwww you are getting there!!how you doing without your sweet Pappi?

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the weekly progress reports. The best pictures will be when your furniture is inside.