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Friday, August 15, 2014

Eavestroughs and Dry Wall Ready To Go

Pictures from Wednesday, August 13.

As we drove up the exciting thing was to see two of three porch columns up and the porch railing sitting on the porch ready to go.

We were so busy looking at the porch that we almost didn't notice the eavestroughs.

Insulation is in some of the inside walls where there isn't more duct work needed.

But, this is the most exciting thing. Every room of the house, including the basement rooms, contain the sheetrock needed to drywall.

We had no idea they made sheetrock this huge. This stack in the kitchen is sixteen feet long.

The great room is filled with drywalling supplies. They are ready to go!

The rolls of brownish paper standing on end is red rosin paper. We had no idea what it was for so we hauled out our phones and Googled it. It has so many uses that we still don't know how it is going to be used.

This looks like drywalling equipment to me. Not enough, but a nice start.

Tomorrow, Saturday, we're planning a trip out to see what's been done since Wednesday and check out where that red rosin paper ended up.

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