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Wednesday, July 02, 2014


This afternoon while I was eating lunch with a friend, Jay was meeting the Direct TV installer at Oak Haven to find out the best place to mount a dish. (This is not premature. We have to submit a written request and get permission from the condo village board to have a dish.) While he was there he spotted three new things in our house.

Being the kind person that he is, he wouldn't tell me what the three things were. He did drive us both out this evening to see if I could spot them.

The first obvious new thing, the garage floor, wasn't obvious to me because I was looking intently at the house and completely overlooked the garage until I almost stepped into the cement water in the yard.

The second new thing was the stairwell window. Last time we visited the house, there wasn't even a hole in the wall for it. We assumed that was because they were going to use it to get the cement into the basement for the basement floor. Which should have made the third new thing obvious to me, but it didn't.

I wandered around the main floor and looked at everything. I didn't notice the basement floor until Jay told me to be careful not to fall into the basement because cement is hard. Good grief. It's hours later now and I'm still feeling - well, since I don't like the word 'stupid' I'll use the word 'oblivious'.

The view to the back of the house into the four season room caught my camera's eye, and I took a few pictures.

We upgraded to a cathedral ceiling in the four season room at the last minute, and I love the upper arch window. Glad we did that.

Even though we don't drive home this way because of road construction, we like to drive down H Avenue and view our house from the road before making a U turn and heading west.

Today we admired our new stairwell window from the road.

The weeds are getting taller. We may not be able to do this much longer.

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Looking good!