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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Stopped out at the new house on my way to Meijer last Saturday. Well, to be truthful, it was a little out of the way but I wanted to see if anything was happening. Not much was.

There was a new piece of siding in the garage, the piece that goes on the peak of the garage.

After touring the inside and finding nothing new, I decided to walk around the house just in case there might be the beginning of some siding. There wasn't. I did find two new meters.

The gas meter is showing 0000.

Got a bigger picture of the yellow tag just because I like to read the tags work people put on our new house.

The electric meter is also at 0 0 0 0. A sight I've never seen before on an electric meter.

The green inspection tag is not filled out yet, so I assume there's more work to be done. At least an inspection.

There is a breaker box in the basement, but I haven't opened it and looked to see if it actually has something in it.

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