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Friday, July 04, 2014

Stairway in Progress

Monday we have an electrical walkthru with the electrician. We celebrated the 4th of July by going out to Oak Haven and having a pre-electrical walkthru with only the two of us to make sure we agree on what we're going to tell him.

That went well, and we are ready. I hope the electrician appreciates how prepared and decisive we are going to be.

Once we got in the house, we noticed the stairway under construction. The house is a ranch, so this is our only stairway. It goes down to the basement to a large rec room, a guest bedroom, a guest bathroom, and a huge storage and mechanical area.

Neither one of us is climbing down that ladder, so it will be nice when the stairs are complete.

The landing is in place and it appears all the risers have been cut.

We were surprised the risers were cut and not purchased pre-cut.

One other task for the day was to get a picture of the places the Direct TV man said would work for the dish. The back of the house on the roof of the four season room seems best. As a bonus, it won't show from Harborview Trail. Hopefully that will make approval go smoother. As a second bonus, we Jay will be able to walk out on the deck with a broom to sweep it off in the winter.

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Love your sense of humor!