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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Siding and Kitchen Bar Wall

Monday was our last long decision meeting with Kelli, the amazing lady who helps us know what we want. The decisions are done. From now on it will be be questions and answers and small decisions as needed by the various people working on our house.

After the meeting, we went to the house (of course), and found many ladders in the back yard suggesting siding would be starting soon.

Wednesday we found siding on one side of the house and the siders there ready to do a second side. Very exciting.

Siding colors for Westport Village are limited. Although the interiors are custom, the exteriors need to conform to a community standard. We did get to pick our color from the cards of acceptable colors. It's called Clay.

Although we have driven through the village many times and seen multiple clay sided condos, we got excited about our clay siding and think it looks the best of all the clay sidings.

We are so excited to have siding that I'm sure there will be more pictures as the other sides of the condo are completed.

Inside we found a new wall structure. This is Jay peering into his kitchen over the bar from the dining room. It changed the whole feel of the interior to have this partition in place.

The same structure taken from the dining room looking toward the kitchen.

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kathy b said...

so excited for you !!!

ONce the dry wall is up you will feel so close.
Love the siding color