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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Jay and I both planned trips to buy groceries today, today being the only day I would have time to do it. Since we don't live together yet (which sucks), we both have kitchens to supply. He beat me out the door this morning and sent a text telling me to make sure and take a side trip to Oak Haven on my way to Meijer.

Windows! I put on some very old shoes and took the camera.

Driving up, I noticed immediately that the porta potty was back and there were windows installed in the front of the house. Also, there was a Bobcat moving sand along what is eventually going to be the sidewalk to the side garage door.

The two windows on the left are the second bedroom that we will be using for an office. The two windows in the middle are the breakfast room.

It rained last night. It rained this morning. It's been raining everyday for at least a week now. Even in very old shoes, the mud was too deep to consider walking around in the yard.

I backtracked and headed out into the uncleared area of weeds to see how many windows were installed.

On the left side of the house there will be a window in the stairwell, but the opening hasn't been cut yet. We think they may be saving it to dump the cement in for the basement floor. Or maybe not.

We are not builders and we think many things that turn out not to be true.

The female crew member came out to seal around the front windows.

Walking through the weeds, I was able to see part of the back of the house. The two great room windows on the right and the four season room sticking out.

The other side of the four season room with the bedroom windows doesn't look like it's been done yet. And the basement windows aren't installed, either. Maybe that's where they're going to dump the cement into the basement.

Coming back to the front, I saw the two garage windows. The third window is in the master bedroom.

Not sure why the Bobcat is toward the back of the house. Shoots down my sand for the sidewalk theory. Maybe he's putting down sand so the workers can work in the mud.

I'm sure he knows what he's doing even if I don't.

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