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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wednesday Wings - New Suet Feeder

One of my Christmas gifts from the Idaho family was a Birds Choice recycled suet feeder with tail prop.

I confess it was the tail prop and not the recycled label that got this feeder on my wish list. Still, it is interesting and nice that the feeder is constructed of poly-lumber made from milk jugs and plastic bottles.

The woodpeckers with their powerful pecking always stabilize their position with their tails.

This is a little male Downey woodpecker, the smallest and most populous woodpecker we feed. He thinks a tail prop is great.

So does this much larger female Red-bellied woodpecker.

The little Marsh Wren doesn't care a thing about the tail prop, but he thinks the suet is a fine idea.

Thanks John, Anne, and Sydney. The feeder is a big hit with me and the birds.

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