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Friday, January 22, 2010

Ivy Vine Cowl and Flowers in January

Last post said I was going to cast on something small and quick to knit until I got over the pain of frogging a seven inch cuff back to the ribbing.

Then I hopped over to Pat's Knitting and Quilting and spotted the perfect project - Ivy Vines a lacy cowl by Anne Hanson.

If you want to see what the cowl looks like on a human neck, Pat has lovely pictures over on her blog.

While it's the perfect project for a luxury yarn, I didn't have any luxury yarn in a color that would go with my dog walking parka, so I picked a skein of Nature Spun wool instead.

Pattern: Ivy Vines a lacy cowl by Anne Hanson.

Yarn: Nature Spun wool, sport weight.

Color: light gray

Needles: #3 and #4 16" circulars, down a size from what the pattern calls for. Fit is OK but fabric should probably be looser for a better drape. If I knit another, I'll go up a needle size.

Flowers make the perfect gift for a birthday in the middle of January.

Thanks Mom.

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