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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Wings - Cardinals Eating Suet

Cardinals are platform feeders. They don't use hanging feeders where they have to cling or use a perch. Therefore, they don't normally eat the suet we put out in the hanging suet feeders and it's never crossed my mind they might like to do so.

This week I found out by accident that Cardinals love suet if the suet is available in a Cardinal acceptable way.

It all happened because of possum poop.

I went out to insert a new suet cake in the feeder but couldn't get directly under it without stepping in the possum poop.

Not wanting to track possum poop back into the house, I leaned over and awkwardly jammed in the suet cake.

Because of the left-over sliver of the previous suet cake, the new one didn't slide all the way down into the wire holder.

The Cardinals thought this was wonderful luck. They used the top of the suet feeder as a platform and took turns chowing down on the suet.

Now I no longer consider my feeder collection complete. I need to find some type of suet feeder where the Cardinals can stand on a flat surface and feast.

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