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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Chat Back for January 9

Answering questions from comments and email.

Jean asked . . .
Snow looks very deep - how high is it? How are the other dogs getting out? Do you have to dig an area for them?

Last weekend we had a foot when the snow was fresh. As the snow sits around it settles, making it denser but not as deep. That's a good thing, since we often have more snow before we get a thaw.

This week Thursday we had about six inches new on top of the settled foot. Now that's settled and a stick in the snow goes down eight to twelve inches depending on the drifting pattern.

When the snow is deep, the little dogs usually are happy to use the driveway. They go out on a 26 foot Flexi leash while I stand on the porch. When they want to venture away from the house I always go with them and often end up carrying them home because their feet hurt from the cold.

Today it's single digit cold and the little dogs are happy to do their business quick, close to the house, and race back to the door.

Jennifer asked . . .
I was wondering how you center your k3, p1 across the top of your foot

There are many ways to center the k3p1, but none that I know of where you can have an equal number of stitches on the heel side and instep side while you're knitting the cuff.

Here's one way for a 64 stitch sock:
  • Work 31 stitches on the heel side, starting with a k1, p1, k3 and ending with a p1, k1.

  • Work 33 stitches on the instep side, starting with a k2, p1, k3 and ending with a p1, k2.

  • Do a Make 1 in the middle of first row of the heel if you want an even number of stitches in the heel. I usually don't bother.

  • When decreasing the gusset, you can either

    • a) decrease down to 33 stitches and finish the foot on 66 stitches.

    • b) decrease down to 31 stitches. Make the first toe decrease on the instep side only in order to bring the stitch count back to an even 31 - 31.

Kathy in Iowa asked . . .
But, I am not familiar with that yarn brand. Any more information??
If my On Your Toes skeins are typical of the brand, you don't want to buy any!

I'll share details in a future post when I show the finished socks.

Marcia asked . . .
Do you ever have problems with squirrels in the feeders. I stopped feeding the birds because of 1. squirrels and 2. feral cats.

The squirrels we feed. It's either that or go crazy trying but failing to keep them away. With acceptance comes peace.

We buy our sunflower seed in 40 or 50 pound bags at Farmer Supply, which is less costly than buying seed elsewhere, even the discount stores. When the seed is cheaper, sharing with the squirrels doesn't hurt so much.

We don't have feral cats around, probably because we have three dogs. A friend who does have an occasional feral cat catches them in a no-kill trap/cage and takes them to the humane society. If you don't address the problem, they will multiply like rabbits.

Kathy asked . . .
Love the feeder. Ideas on where I could find one?

Birds Choice has a website. Many many interesting products that I'm going to keep in mind for future gift requests.

Mine came from Amazon.

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