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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Chat Back for January 2

Answering questions from comments and email.

Lynn asked . . .
I've never been to Bermuda but I've flown over the Bermuda Triangle to get to Puerto Rico. Is that the same thing?? LOL
Even though you're joking, I realized I didn't know the answer and had to look it up. What did we ever do before the Internet?

There are various versions of the Bermuda Triangle, but the most common has Bermuda at the North East corner and Puerto Rico at the South East corner. Miami is the third corner.

While on a business trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico in December about ten years ago I saw a newspaper headline that read "COLD WAVE!!!! Temperature Dips to 69 Degrees". That's when I realized the Bermuda Triangle is real and I was truly in a different dimension.

Marie asked (About the BonBon stitch pattern) . . .
Is it just me, or does the photo of the Bonbon stitch directions you linked to look like the cable is one large one twist, versus the little twin side-by-sides on your socks? Maybe it is an optical illusion because of the yarn?
The more the pattern is stretched horizontally, the more the two cable twists become obvious. The swatch for the stitch pattern sample is not stretched at all, but nice fitting socks always have a negative ease to show the bonbon twists in their full glory.

All is as advertised. The written instructions for the stitch pattern has a four stitch right cross done twice and the stitch pattern graph shows the same.

Dani asked (About the BonBon stitch pattern) . . .
Did you need to change anything to knit in the round?
The BonBon chart is 22 stitches. Repeated three times, it makes a nice 66 stitch sock cuff. To use the chart for knitting in the round, just start at the bottom right corner for Row 1 and then continue starting each following row/round on the right side of the chart.

Marianne asked . . .
I have commented before...but my comment never seems to show up.
Although I have no way to know if I see all your comments, I do see at least some of them.

I bet if you refresh your screen or leave and come back to look you will see your comments.

Kathy b asked . . .
All of those cardinals at once? Is this a mirror trick ?

We don't use mirrors, just lot of sunflower seed which we buy by the 50 pound bag.

The overgrown snowball bush in the picture is about fifteen feet from the board where the Cardinals feed. They rest up there between meals.

Cardinals like to feed on flat surfaces, not on hanging feeders. We have dozens of Cardinals who feed on the board and under the board. They're the first birds at the feeder at daybreak and the last birds to leave the feeder in the evening.

Dorothy wrote . . .
I was just thinking about you today and wondering if you were buried in snow. Love, love, love that picture with the cardinals. As you know, they are my favorite birds, but we don't have them here. So I do enjoy your photos of them very much.

Now that it's settled, the snow is about ten inches deep with only an additional inch or two expected. Nothing unusual for January weather.

It takes about three feet of snow before a Michigander will admit to being buried, but we have enough snow to make life a bit challenging.

While admitting it is possible to post too many Cardinal pictures, I plan to keep doing it. They're so pretty in winter I can't resist.

Glad you enjoy them.

Jan Berry Darling asked . . .
Is that a chipping sparrow??? Couldn't be at this time of year, could it?

Our Chipping Sparrows come to the feeders year round. They like the black sunflower seeds, the thistle seed, and even an occasional peck of suet.

Donna asked . . .
Kinsey Millhone is soo good isn't she?
Yes. I'm about a third of the way into U is for Undertoe and I think it's the best yet.

For readers who haven't read the Kinsey Millhone series by Sue Grafton, it's best to start at the beginning, A is for Alibi, and work through the alphabet. They just keep getting better.

Sue Grafton turns 70 years old this year. I'm hoping she stays healthy and ambitious enough to make it through the entire alphabet.

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