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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Wings - Nesting Update

The nestbox is getting - - what's a nice word for it? A little crusty?

The bluebird chicks are twelve days old, getting old enough to jump out of the nestbox prematurely. Today will be the last time I open this nestbox until after the chicks have fledged.

While hiking out to the bluebird nestbox, I spotted this robin sitting on a nest about six feet up in a small tree.

When I took her picture, she left the nest with loud protests.

I went back to the house to get a stool to stand on and used my little camera to hold over the nest and get a picture of the contents.

While hiking back from the bluebird nestbox, I peeked over and noticed Mother Robin was back on the nest. I pretended I didn't see her and kept on walking.

No changes in the Tree Swallow nestbox. The eggs should be hatching soon.

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