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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wednesday Wings - Nest Box Report

The bluebirds should be hatching any day now. I thought this might be the day, but nothing happened. The eggs still look like they did on Monday.

Nearby in a second nest box, the Tree Swallows are ready to start laying eggs. There are so many feathers in this nest I had to feel around with my finger to check for the first egg. It wasn't there yet, but probably tomorrow. The female has been in the box most of the day.

I love the way the swallows are precise in their nest building. This year they used pine needles instead of the usual grass. The feathers are arranged to curl up over the top of the nest and help keep the eggs and eventually the naked babies cosy and warm.

Tree Swallows are the size of a large sparrow with white undersides and an iridescent blue/green back.

What did they ever do before there were wires to sit on while guarding their nest box?

Some of the male Gold Finches have completely turned gold now. Others still have a drab spot or two remaining.

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