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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Wings - Hatchlings and Eggs

(Posted on Thursday. We had thunderstorms on Wednesday and I unplugged before finishing.)

The five bluebird eggs have hatched. The little ones are mostly naked/featherless but hungry and doing well.

Since it was a little chilly and rainy yesterday, I didn't want to leave the nest box open for more than a few seconds, so the picture is rather difficult to see what's going on in the nest.

I'm going to cheat and use two pictures from previous years.

This is hatching day in the bluebird nest.

Here are some week old hatchlings from a previous year when it was warm and sunny.

I like to think I'm seeing them fly around as beautiful adults now.

The Tree Swallow nest box has six pretty white eggs.

The female is seriously sitting on them now. Hatchlings expected in two weeks.

In the evening the female comes out to take a break on the power line.

Tree Swallows really like the power line. They use it for the mating activities, as a launching point for food gathering, and to supervise the area once the family is underway.

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