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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Wings - Adolescent Bluebirds

The swallows hatched Monday. Mother Swallow didn't want to leave the nest box. I honored her decision (Mother usually knows best) and didn't insist, so no naked baby pictures were taken.

Today it's raining, so once again I'm not opening the box. Nor am I chasing Mother Robin off her nest in order to check if her eggs have hatched.

The last five days the Bluebird Kids were in the nest box, they were jumping around, strengthening their wings, and checking out the world through the opening.

These pictures were taken Monday when the hatchlings were sixteen days old. Tuesday morning they were gone.

Their parents take them into the nearby woods to keep them hidden while they complete their education, increase their wing strength, learn to find their own food, and learn to fly. For graduation, they get to sit on the power line that crosses the field.

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