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Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Winter Babbling

I'm happily knitting away on the She Said Aran front. It should be done and ready for a picture before the weekend is over.

Meanwhile, in SW Michigan we always have the weather to discuss.

Shirley asked . . .
Your region has had so much snow which makes me wonder if this is your normal snowfall. Living in the South most of my life, I cannot imagine so much snow.

We're a little over average for this time of year, but average is just that. Average. Having lived through fifty plus Michigan winters, I don't regard this winter as unusual.

It's not the snow I mind so much as the cold temps. Below 20 degrees the road salt doesn't work and the snow packs down on the roads, even the highways, making them snow covered and slippery.

Now that the days are getting longer, the winter is easier to take, except for the feeling that it's never going to end.

Most years we have snow on into April. Daffodils bloom mid April, and it's not unusual for them to get covered with snow as the weather shifts back and forth between spring and winter.

This daffodil picture was taken April 12, 2007, after eight days of freezing temperatures and snow.

Daffodils are extremely hardy flowers. And Michiganders are hardy people who enjoy making small talk about our interesting weather.

One thing about spring in SW Michigan - by the time it gets here we all appreciate it. I'm even looking forward to picking up a million sticks (may not be an exaggeration) from all the wind we've had since last time the lawn was mowed.

Proof that Verizon reads my blog.

All I had to do was post a picture of the wire mess and here comes a repair crew.

Five degrees this morning and they're trying to thread wires back in a plastic tube. Hope that little tent of theirs has a heater.

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