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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Snowy Sunday

I wasn't going to post today, but can't resist giving my warmer readers a chance to be glad they're not in SW Michigan.

This is almost a complete whiteout. The picture was taken out the front window this afternoon and "shows" the road (lower part of picture) and the woods across the street.

In a picture taken before this one, I captured a total whiteout. It looks like a gray rectangle.

This afternoon during the time when we normally get our high for the day, it's 3 degrees F (-16C) with a windchill of -17F/-27C.

It's snowing and the wind is blowing. Did I need to say that?

The birds are as puffed up as they can puff.

Most are sheltering in bushes, trees, or brush when they're not eating, but mourning doves aren't the brainiest in the bird kingdom.

Mr. Bluejay thinks it's about time I should bring out the next load of seed.

I did. None of our birds has gone hungry today.

And here is a puffed up Cardinal for Dorothy who likes to see them.

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