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Saturday, February 23, 2008

She Said Front Finished, Neck Decision Time

So far I've followed the pattern except for substituting short row shoulder shaping for bound off shoulder ladders.

Next the front and back shoulder seams will be joined with a three needle bind off. Then, it's time for the neck decision.

What style neck do I want on this sweater?

A high, tight turtleneck ala the pattern doesn't look so great with my grandmotherly chin. I could knit a turtleneck with less height or create a crew neck with pretty ribbing.

Once the shoulder seams are joined, I'll throw the sweater over my head, look in the mirror to see where the head hole edges hit my neck, and decide. I'm hoping once I see the partial sweater on myself the right neck style will be obvious.

Pattern: She Said Aran by Barbara Venishnick

Yarn: Cascade 220, 100% wool worsted weight

Color: 8708 Violet

Needles: Options #5

Gauge: 28 stithces/29.5 rows in 4 inches on lower sweater. 26 stitches/33 rows in 4 inches for upper sweater.

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