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Friday, December 01, 2006

Enchanted Cottage Blanket

Enchanted Cottage BlanketPattern: Enchanted Cottage from Barbara Walker's Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns in the middle of made up border

Yarn: Utopia worsted weight. 100% acrylic

Color: Cream

Needles: Addi Turbo #7

Gauge: About 5 stitches/inch. Don't really care. It's a blanket.

Finished size is 36 inches across, 33 inches long.

The border is symetrical. The table where I take pictures in the sunlight wasn't big enough to hold the width of the blanket so the right border is hanging over the table edge.

The blanket was knit for the Patternworks project to knit blankets for Project Linus.

They required the blanket to be knit with cream Utopia worsted weight which is 100% acrylic. If I ever knit this blanket again, I will use a superwash wool. The knit will be more enjoyable, the results will be nicer, and the blanket will be softer.

Closeup of border on Enchanted Cottage BlanketHere's a closer look at the border pattern in case I/you want to try and repeat it on another blanket someday.

Outline of How I Knit This Blanket
This is NOT a pattern. If you're not comfortable improvising, please don't try to knit this blanket from what I've written here. Hopefully the pictures will help you figure out what I'm talking about.
  • Cast on 144 stitches.
  • Knit about 2 inches of seed stitch ending after right side row.
  • Continue seed stitch on 10 stitches left border and 10 stitches right border for entire blanket.
  • Reverse stockinette for three rows.
  • Continue reverse stockinette for three stitches next to left seed stitch border and three stitches next to right seed stitch border for entire blanket until upper seed stitch border.
  • YO, k2tog on next (right side) row).
  • Purl the following wrong side row.
  • Reverse stockinette for three rows.
  • Knit Spaced Out Dot Stitch for about 6 inches
    Row 1: (WS) purl
    Row 2: (RS) k1, p, k3, p, k3, p. . . .
    Row 3: (WS) purl
    Row 4: (RS) knit
    Row 5: (WS) purl
    Row 6: (RS) k3, p, k3, p, k3, p . . . .
    Row 7: (WS) purl
    Row 8: (RS) knit
  • Continue Spaced Out Dot Stitch for 26 stitches next to the left reverse stockinette border and for 26 stitches next to the right reverse stockinette border while knitting the Enchanted Cottage.
  • Knit seed stitch for 6 rows of the center 66 stitches, building the bottom of a seed stitch frame for the Enchanted Cottage.
  • Knit the Enchanted Cottage on the center 54 stitches. Border it with 6 stitches of seed stitch on each side.
  • When Enchanted Cottage is done, reverse all border patterns working out to the final seed stitch border.

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