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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Knitting Log for September 1

Unblocked left front of Hanover jacketFinished the left front of the Hanover Jacket on Monday. The right front is about an inch past the leaf motif. I had truly forgotten how quickly a sweater can be knit if the sweater is the only project I'm working on.

More and more I'm enjoying working under the Guidelines for Knitting Peace. It's easy to sit down and knit a few rows when I can remember where I am in the project.

There is one drawback to limiting myself to one project. How do I keep this blog interesting when I'm knitting a rather boring jacket where the only area of interest, the leaf motif, is the same on the back, both fronts, and both sleeves?

On the other hand, how interesting is it to have knitting projects take six months (or more) to finish because I'm knitting on so many things that nothing is getting done?

Medium lilac lace weight wool silk yarn from Blackberry Ridge Yarn in the mail today. The ultimate test of my Guidelines for Knitting Peace intentions.

This is lace weight, two-ply, 25% silk, 85% wool in medium lilac from Blackberry Ridge.

The color is lighter and the yarn is heavier and less silky than I expected.

At first I was disappointed. After looking at it and feeling it for a few hours now, I think like it. The lighter color is pretty. The heavier yarn (it almost looks like fingering weight) and sticky, wooly texture is going to be easy to knit for my first lace shawl.

The resulting shawl will be practical and warm. Hopefully it will also be beautiful.

I'm looking forward to this knit. Will it be my next project, or will I knit a pair of socks in between the Hanover Jacket and the Violets by the River Shawl? Or, will I finish the The Unplanned Scarf so I really will be down to one project plus CIC knitting? Oh the suspense.

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