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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Yarn in the Mail

Eleven skeins of Knitpicks yarn that came in the mail today Exciting mail today - my latest Knitpicks order arrived.

The mail lady said she had the box with her yesterday but couldn't leave it because the delivery confirmation number was partially missing and wouldn't scan. She took it back to the post office and the Postmaster decided to make a manual note of the package so she could deliver it today.

I think she could tell by my stop-talking-and-let-me-get-this-package-in-the-house-and-open-it look that I agreed with the Postmaster's decision. What else could they do? Send it back to Knitpicks? Surely not.

Here is my first impression, pre-knitting review of what I received.

On the left, Decadence, a bulky weight 100% superfine alpaca. Color is Tide.

Oh so soft. It's silky feeling. I'm looking forward to knitting with it and, in the meantime, I can hardly stop touching it.

I bought three skeins, enough to knit a toddler size CIC sweater. Then, I think I need a decadent sweater for myself.

In the middle, Wool of the Andes, a worsted weight 100% Peruvian wool. Color is Violet.

Beautiful color. Nice yarn at a great price. I bought two skeins to try this yarn out for CIC socks. I may, or may not run some left over sock yarn along with it.

On the right, Sierra, a bulky weight 70% wool, 30% alpaca. Colors are Cinnamon and Pool.

Sierra is soft but without the silky feel of Decadence.

Alpaca is stronger, lighter, and warmer than wool, so Sierra may become my yarn of choice for CIC sweaters. The price is right. Now I need to see what it's like on the needles.

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