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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Let's Talk Lace

Want to See Some Pretty Lace?
First, go look at Dorothy's Madli Shawl.

I'm in awe of the beautiful things Dorothy knits. If you aren't a regular reader of Dorothy's blog, take time to look around at her perfectly executed projects in all types of yarn and all variety of patterns. There is something to inspire everyone. And her dogs are cute, too.

Then there's Deb's Shaped Triangle Shawl from Gathering of Lace. She not only knit it in linen, she knit it in black laceweight linen.

This post tells of her trials and ultimate success in making a gorgeous shawl and a huge wad of black lint.

Want to Knit Some Pretty Lace?
Between now and December the EZasPi Yahoo Group is having a Shetland Lace Workshop written and moderated by Liz Lovick.

EZasPi List Shepherd Elaine wrote the following invitation to everyone:
This is a free self paced workshop that is open to all levels of knitters. She will be placing files in the file section of the group which include information on everything from material selection, lace pattern choices and execution, charting, construction of traditional shawls and contemporary garments, history, and blocking and care of lace. You certainly may join in the conversation and sample knitting if you can stand the silliness and comraderie of the group. ;)

The Workshop starts September 24, 2005 but you may join the group anytime by going to EZasPi and clicking 'join' no registration is needed.

There will be a contest sometime during the workshop but no date is set yet. Hope to see you there!

The details of the contest haven't been announced because I don't think anyone knows what they are. Check out the donated contest prizes here.

If you think you don't know enough about knitting to do this workshop, read Elaine's encouragement here.

Tonight we got our first lesson followed by a pattern for five "straight forward" Old Shetland lace scarves arranged in order of difficulty.

It's not too late to join. We're just getting started.

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