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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Chenille Swatch

What to do when wonderful new yarn arrives and I'm in the middle of another project but want that new yarn on the needles - knit a swatch.

This is one whole skein. I knit half the front plus the entire center panel with two repeats of its 24 rows.

The results are satisfactory: Perfect gauge, both stitch gauge and row gauge.

With a swatch this large, it's easy to measure accurately and know a sweater is going to fit. Stitch definition is so-so. But I knew that was going to happen. I happily traded popping cables for softness and fuzziness.

Now I'm going to pack the yarn, the swatch, and my notes away until the end of April and get back to knitting on my current projects.

Pattern: Set-in Sleeve Aran from Janet Szabo's book Aran Sweater Design.

I'm calling it Chenille because the cable designs are similar to patterns found in old fashioned chenille bedspreads.

Yarn: Elann Peruvian Pure Alpaca, 100% fine grade alpaca, worsted weight.

Color: Creole Pink

Needles: Options #5

Gauge: 5 stitches/inch, 7.5 rows/inch

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