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Monday, March 03, 2008

Chat Back for March 3

Answering questions from comments and email.

Leah asked 4 questions . . .
1) What color will Chenille be?

(Chenille is my next sweater project. See the pattern here.)

A cool pastel pink called Creole Pink.

The maillady brought 20 skeins of worsted weight Fine Grade Alpaca from Elann Saturday.

At the risk of sounding silly, I may not be able to stop snuggling this yarn long enough to knit the sweater.

2) Have you knit with this yarn before?


I do have a sweater (Grasshopper) knit with Knitpicks Andean Treasure, 100% Baby Alpaca. I love wearing it. It's sooooo soft and cuddy. It's the reason I want to knit a second alpaca sweater.
3) Just curious if this kind of yarn is prone to pilling?

Grasshopper isn't pilling even though it's a slightly fuzzy yarn and I wear it often. I'm hoping to be able to say the same for Chenille knit with the Elann alpaca.
4) Are you happy with the purple sweater so far?

Yes. After washing the front and back, the cables blocked out nice and it looks like the fit is going to be about right.

I'm only sorry that it's going to be done about the time it gets too warm to wear a heavy cabled wool sweater.

Yikes! It sound like I'm wishing for a cold, snowy April. Please no! I'll wait and wear the purple sweater next winter.

Betty asked . . .
Here in Florida, I rarely wear a sweater. I'm wondering how many you own. I just can't imagine knitting something that wouldn't be used.

I had to go count. There are 8 handknit wool sweaters in my closet. Two are cardigans.

We have six months of snow here, plenty of opportunity to wear all of them. I wear them to church. I wear them when I go out with family or friends. But, if I were packing to visit you in Florida I'd leave the wool sweaters at home.

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