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Monday, January 15, 2007

Minor Ice Storm

Overview of minor ice storm taken out the front windowMarguerite's definition of a major ice storm: Freezing rain and slippery conditions with trees and large branches crashing down and/or causing a power outage of over two hours.

So far, this has been a minor ice storm for us. There are some small and medium branches down and the power is still on at our house. Surrounding areas have not been so fortunate.

It may stay a minor ice storm as long as wind doesn't blow and there is no more rain or snow until the ice melts.

Close up of ice on evergreen needlesRight now we have about a quarter inch of ice topped with about a quarter inch of snow.

The top picture was taken out the front window.

See the evergreen branches (lower right side of picture) dragging on the ground? I zoomed in on them with my new camera to better show what's making them drag.

Downy woodpecker eating suet We feed lots of suet in the winter, bringing the woodpeckers right to the window.

This male downy woodpecker is the first bird shot with the new camera.

We have many woodpeckers nesting on our property: Downy, Hairy, and Red-bellied. We've spotted a Red-headed woodpecker and a Pileated woodpecker, but they were just passing through.

Sunny looking disgruntledSunny had her annual checkup and shots last week and passed her weigh-in with flying colors. She is much happier, healthier, peppier, and more agile with the extra weight gone.

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