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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Early Morning Big Fish Sighting

Wake in the creek casued by large salmon approachingIf it's autumn - and it certainly is that - then it's time for the salmon to swim upstream and spawn.

I'm standing on the bridge and there is a big one headed my way.

This morning as the dogs and I crossed the bridge to the back three acres, there was noticeable salmon action in the creek. At least three of the big fish were swimming around with their upper fins above the water surface.

After our walk, I went back into the house and traded the dogs for my camera.

30 inch salmon stops at the bridge for a breatherI'm not sure where the salmon originate, but I do know they've come a long way. By the time they get to our property they are ragged looking and tired.

This fisherperson's dream is on the other side of the bridge taking a rest. It's about thirty inches long.

As much as I love nature and like to identify wildlife, there's a gap in my fish identification skills. I'm not sure what species of salmon this is. It might even be a closely related trout species. If you know more about it than I do, I'd love to hear what you know.

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