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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Wings - European Starlings

These pictures do an injustice to the Starlings. They are never this regal and harmless looking for more than a second. They are raucous and rude.

I'm happy to say we don't often get Starlings at the feeders. I dislike them very much and they don't even have the distinction of being native pests. I believe that means I have the legal right to kill them, but we're 99% wildlife pacifists so I just grit my teeth until they go away.

If there are six feet of seeds set out on the feeding platform, the Starlings will fight for a single feeding spot. While all the other birds are willing to share the suet feeder, the Starlings demand that every other bird leave before they clumsily and messily eat.

This Starling made a big show of eating the snow.

Why it had to come to the feeder to eat snow is a mystery. We have plenty of snow everywhere.

This is their winter plumage. They lose most of the spots and are more iridescent in the warm months.


Vickie said...

The starlings stayed away from our feeders until this past week. Now the downy woodpeckers and wrens hang out on the deck waiting for the piggy starlings to move on from the suet. Although I love bird watching, I can't say that I love starlings. The only thing about them that I like is their uncanny mimicry abilities. We had one starling that sounded just like a child crying "mom". Freaky.

kathy b said...

I cannot stand those starlings either , i try to think of them as in the aviary circle of life, God must know why we need them...someday I'll ask HIM!

Ann has been very slow since she got the green team box. I dont believe she has sent it along yet to me....Red team still has a chance....enjoy the game when it gets to you!!! We are all winners with this one I think! YOu are not responsible for the team placement!

Marie said...

Did you know there is a book (which I read ages ago) called "Arnie the Darling Starling" who befriends a woman named Margarete? I kid you not.

Sheri said...

I'm sure we have those but I've not seen one here in GA that I know of. Our messy eaters, pigs and pushy visitors are the grackles and the red winged black birds. But, even the little gold finches are piggy this year!

Kathy... said...

Poor critters! We don't like them here in Iowa either, and we have tons! Wonder if anyone welcomes them?

Alwen said...

In the winter, they are sort of pretty, with the gold edges on their dark feathers. They look like something that belongs on a Christmas tree.

They ARE piggy and obnoxious, though, unfortunately.

John Ryan said...

I was looking for a photo of a starling for my Facebook. This one was very pretty. Some starlings aren't that bad, some are pets and very charming. They are very messy eaters though do try to push other birds out. God put them here to be loved. My Facebook page is Murray the Bird.