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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Yarn Talks to Me - Part 1

This Oversize Lace Top by Deborah Newton, published in Spring/Summer 2007 Vogue Knitting, was on the top of my what-to-cast-on-next list. Because of my age I plan to wear it over a cotton knit top.

It just happens I have a bright orange turtleneck that I love but needs something to tone it down - like covering up 70% of it with a more subdued color.

I love rich browns. Now that my hair is mostly white, brown is not a good color for me. I miss brown in my wardrobe and reasoned that I could wear brown over bright orange.

Next thing I knew there were eleven skeins of rich brown Knitpicks sport weight Stroll in my mailbox and I was ready to swatch.

The results were ugly.

The yarn spoke to me:
"I am a substantial yarn in a tough color. I do not want to be an oversized lace top that needs to be knit in a lighter yarn in a pastel color.

I'll give you washability, good stitch definition, and warmth. Now you find a suitable pattern to make a vest that suits my personality."

Who am I to argue with eleven skeins of yarn?

Note to the curious.
Sport weight Stroll is 75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon. This color is a very rich, warm brown called Cocoa.

Stroll Sport would make great washable children's wear. While it didn't like being lace on #5 needles because the gauge was too firm for good drape, I think it would make lace on #7 or larger needles.


Anonymous said...

Dear Knitting Friend,

I have learned so much about knitting by reading your blog. Thanks for your generous and helpful spirit.


Marie said...

And now you can add "yarn whisperer" to your CV.

Judy S. said...

Glad you listened! It's going to be a great vest. The gansey book is on its way to my house...... We just had snow! Very crazy for us with cherry trees and forsythia trying hard to bud.

Dorothy said...

I like the term "yarn whisperer"! Yes, I agree. Rich cocoa brown does not really scream "lace". The gansey style stitches do look nice. I'll be interested to see you in the brown/orange combo. It's not a color I've seen you wear. Good to know about the Stroll and children's wear.

kathy b said...

Do I see another great gansey? You could rename your blog the Great Gansey you know....you are an excellent knitter. I love brown on grey haired people....are you sure?

Anonymous said...

The colors you should wear have more to do with your skin tones than your hair. Even red heads have skin coloring that says what they should wear and it always goes well with their hair. Caucasian skin tones fall into 4 categories which are named for the 4 seasons. All the gals in my family happen to be winters and we all look our best in jewel tones. So do some Google research and see what you should be wearing. And you can make socks in the colors you aren't supposed to wear!