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Friday, February 11, 2011

Very Very Early Signs of Spring

January and February have been cold and snowy. In fact, it's 20 degrees and snowing right now. That 20 degrees is a "warm up" from the single digit temperatures we've had all week in SW Michigan.

However if I look and listen very carefully, there are signs of spring.

The days are getting longer.

Our first dog walk of the day happens about 7:30 am and now there's enough daylight to see where we're stepping.

This deer picture was taken about 5:30 pm. Not enough daylight left for a clear picture, but it's not dark at 5 pm anymore.

The birds are beginning to think about spring. Several times I've heard a woodpecker drumming for a mate.

A few days ago I saw a male cardinal feeding a female. So sweet. It would have made a perfect Valentine picture.

The paper box is showing the strain of repeatedly being hit by snow thrown from the snowplow. Will it topple before spring?

The mailbox is detachable. I bring it in the house when I know the snowplow snow is going to hit it hard.

Finally the oak trees are shedding some of their leaves.


Judy S. said...

I love those oak trees. Just when everyone thinks they have all the leaves raked, "Bam! They let go." Ours are black oaks; what are yours?

Sheri said...

I just love seeing all those deer! And of course, your birds. My Father just made me a woodpecker feeder with the rest for their tail. Never heard of such a thing. I sure hope you get some warmer weather soon, but I love seeing all that snow.
Sheri in GA

Nancy G said...

It did my heart good to read your post today. Maybe this winter really will end!

Anonymous said...

All your photos are beautiful. Yes, it seems to be getting warmer everywhere. We are supposed to be in he mid-60's next week.

kathy b said...

So very true....all the signs are subtle but there! I now notice the sun is up before we give shift report at 0700 instead of after!

Seed packages are out in the stores already. Another sure sign.

girl scout cookies are due in a week or two and
My sisters minnesota Dairy QUeen opens for the SEASON...this weekend! Really

janna said...

It got up to 40 here today! We still have very large piles of snow, but there is hope!

Alwen said...

Wow, it's up to 50 F now and blowing like crazy.

All my oak leaves are coming off and blowing across the mushy snow.