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Friday, February 25, 2011

My Yarn Talks to Me - Part 2

Part 1 is here.

When I saw this pattern on the back of my new Patternworks catalog I fell in love with it and decided I had to buy it. When I went to buy it, I discovered it was designed by Kathy Zimmerman, one of my favorite knitware designers. Many of her creations reach out and call to me to be admired if not always knit.

The pattern was written for a Classic Elite cotton/silk blend which sounded like a painful knit for my hands, so I swatched it in Knitpicks Gloss DK, 70% Merino wool 30% silk.

The color is called Woodland Sage, but it looks like teal to me.


This washed swatch is exact stitch gauge and row gauge. The lace definition is excellent. I think I'm going to like this yarn.

Still, in my mental list of projects the Oversize Lace Top by Deborah Newton, published in Spring/Summer 2007 Vogue Knitting, is still next in the queue. But that's OK. It's lace. I has the same gauge as Brandywine, so what better project to try out some Gloss DK?

Today fourteen skeins of Gloss DK arrived in a pretty silver gray color. When I ordered it, I was thinking Oversize Lace Top. Now that I have it, I realize I could use it for either one, the Oversize Lace Top or Brandywine. A decision is pending. At least one other project must be finished before I cast on, so there's time to think about it.


Anonymous said...

I really like the new pattern (Brandywine?) which would be beautiful in either teal or silver. I can also see it with long sleeves for Winter. Kathy Zimmerman's designs are some of my favorites too.

Brown is a color I cannot wear either, both because of having silver hair as well as my skin tone. Teal or silver is a much better choice IMO.

Jean said...

I love the first pattern and will make a mental note of this. I have some Knitpicks DK Swish and wonder if it would work for the pattern (I had started a vest with it, but did not care for the pattern) so am still looking for another project to knit with it. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it. You have such an eye for matching the yarn to the perfect pattern. This color seems to look good most people - wise choice.

Vickie said...

Kathy Zimmerman owns the yarn shop near my house. She is as nice as she is talented and boy can she knit fast!

kathy b said...

Dear M

Wow, if only I could knit those Zimmerman's too. I mean I know I could learn....but you have to be an even knitter I Think. You have wonderful even stitches to your knitting. Whatever you decide I'll be watching you knit it up