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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Chat Back for February 5 with Cardinals

Responding to comments left since the last time I did Chat Back.

Mom asked . . .
I'm all set and ready for the Big Storm promised us by the Weather forecasters! How about you?

Like much of the US, we had a blizzard warning last week. It started on schedule, 5 pm Tuesday evening. Strong winds blew, the snow came down and swirled around and drifted. In the morning we had a new foot of snow on top of the six inches we started with on the ground.

The foot of snow we got fell short of the eighteen inches mentioned in the forecast, so many local people complained that it wasn't a "real" blizzard. And it probably wasn't. But it was challenging and inconvenient and very very very cold.

To answer Mom's question: Yes, we were ready.

Kristieinbc asked . . .
Isn't that FLAK sweater great? I wore mine yesterday and it kept me toasty warm. That sweater was my first ever experience knitting cables.
Great way to start knitting cables. Fearless knitting is lots of fun when the pattern is easy to follow - not the same as saying the pattern is easy.

My FLAK is one of the my favorite knitting projects ever. The how-to lessons were excellent, I loved knitting it, and I love wearing it when it's cold outside.

Kathy B. asked . . .
Now does my email show up or am I still anonymous M?
Couldn't find any email showing up. Your name showed up and it was a link that took me to your blog profile. I think you need to add your email to your blog profile for it to show up.

Kathy B. sent me the following picture and asked . . .
You are my bird lady! What is this cardinal doing? Just stretching ? I snapped an image not knowing it would capture his movement. Kind of cool huh?

It’s either landing or getting ready to fly off or grooming its feathers. If there’s water nearby it probably just had a bath and is grooming. Otherwise I would guess the pre or post flight options.

This cardinal was caught either coming or going from the feeder board. I think he was going since there is seed scattering around him. And, why would he land with his head off the side of the board?


Deb Carter said...

Just so you know, we got the 16 inches in Grand Rapids on top of the 6 - 8 we already had. But yes, this time we were ready!

Alwen said...

It drifted so much here, I honestly couldn't file a spotter report! We had two and three foot drifts, but in other spots the wind scoured the snow right down to the grass.

Lynn said...

I LOVE female cardinals. She may not have a fancy coat, but she's always got her lips on!!!!

kathy b said...

How fun that you included me TWICE in the post. LOVE it. Love your cardinal landing......so beautiful.