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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Wings - Turkey in a Tree

So far this winter I haven't seen any turkeys in our yard, but a few days ago I noticed a flock of them crossing the road to the neighbors bird feeders.

The neighbors dogs must have barked, because the turkeys came flying back across the road, into the woods, and perched high up in the trees.

After the rush to leave, this is the only one that was still visible from my window. It always amazes me to see these big heavy birds fly.


Judy S. said...

I've only seen wild turkeys once in OR; yesterday we were very excited to see a bald eagle perched on a light post as we crossed the 520 bridge...a first that close to downtown!

NMjewel said...

Very COOL! I went turkey hunting with my uncle a few years back. Had to sit painfully still! Some came around but not near enough for a shot (TG).

Kathy said...

well, I never.

M: my bird feeder was busted by mr. squirrel on day one! It went back to the hardware store today. i now have a baffle and a little feeder below.....here's hoping I can outsmart that squirrel! I so want to enjoy and feed the cardinals and chickadees and sparrows out the kitchen window!