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Friday, January 07, 2011

Sydney's Semi-Purple Yarn

For the past few years there has been an extra gift bag in the Christmas box from Idaho labeled "Mom birthday". Son John, DIL Anne, and granddaughter Sydney go to a yarn store and all pick out some yarn for a pair of socks for themselves and Sydney picks out yarn for a pair for me. (This year my yarn is Clifford Red.)

Anne's birthday is January 10, and some years I actually get her socks knit and in the mail by then. This year there were complications. The yarn she selected wasn't suitable for socks, she decided she would like a scarf instead, and I needed to find and order two more skeins in order to make the scarf long enough.

Figuring the dye lots were going to be different (they are), I didn't want to start the scarf without all four skeins. So, I decided to start Sydney's socks.

Sydney picked out her favorite color, purple. A very pretty skein indeed. Someone told them one skein would be enough for a five year old, but Sydney is four feet tall, needs her socks 48 stitches around, and wears a size 1 shoe. I didn't think one skein was going to make it.

So, I ordered more yarn. Four skeins of more yarn figuring there might be a dye lot problem with the Idaho skein and I may want to knit the socks from two of the new dye lot skeins. Then I planned to knit Sydney a matching scarf with the Idaho yarn plus a two more skeins of new yarn managing dye lot challenges by knitting double stranded.

Surprise! The new four skeins arrived and there was pink and blue showing!

For a second I thought they sent the wrong color. But no, the label color was the same as the Idaho yarn. Then I dug down into the Idaho skein and found pink and blue under the visible purple.

The color bands are very long. I'm knitting Sydney's scarf first to get a feel for how they go.

I want to get everything done and in the mail ASAP so socks and scarves can be worn before Idaho winter is over, so Idaho knitting is top priority.

I'm going to go do some of it now.

Pattern: One-Row Scarf by the Yarn Harlot.

Yarn: JojoLand Melody superwash wool, fingering weight. Using two strands held together.

Color: MS28, purple

Needles: US #7.

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Judy S. said...

I absolutely love that scarf pattern and am on my third one. Thanks so much for introducing me to it! I love JoJo yarn also.