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Monday, January 03, 2011

Calling All Hungry Buebirds

What does a loving husband of 35 years give his wife for Christmas?

Doesn't every woman want Fluker's gourmet meal worms?

The meal worms go in this lovely gift from my mother, a Bird's Choice Recycled Bluebird Feeder - Blue Roof.

I've had the feeder out since the day after Christmas. So far no takers.

The bluebirds are off wintering in the woods, but they do make occasional forays back to their nest boxes in the back field. I may end up moving the feeder to the back of the property to see if I can attract their attention and then gradually move it closer to the house so I can watch them out the window.

It could be I won't get them eating out of the feeder until spring. Normally I would prefer they eat our overabundance of live insects, but I want to have them used to the feeder by next winter.


Kathy said...

I knew just what they were for before you told us!! A Dj who loved birding often recommended them for bluebirds to enjoy and to lure them ...

Judy S. said...

A can of mealworms beats live ones in the fridge.....I did that to my mom in high school. What a great feeder! Even such a gourmet dish couldn't lure bluebirds to this part of our state.

Kathy said...


Can you email me your address? I have a gansey sock pattern that I think you may like. I will NEVER use it.

kathy b

Dorothy said...

So how do they distinguish gourmet meal worms from regular meal worms??