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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Busy Bird Feeders

It's our turn to get some snow. It started in earnest about 10am today and seems to be coming in bands, occasionally giving the impression it's letting up when it's just catching it's breath.

Fortunately I went grocery shopping yesterday and picked up 80 pounds of sunflower seed. And, we have plenty of dog food. There are places I'd like to go, but no place I have to go if the roads are bad.

The weather brought the birds to the feeders. It was too dark and cloudy to get good pictures, but I managed a few mediocre shots.

I was pleased to see a Marsh Wren after not seeing one since last winter.

Two House Finches on the top, two Goldfinches on the bottom.

Now I'm off to knit so there will be something to post about tomorrow.


Kathy said...

Love love love all your bird posts. I am going to get out and buy a feeder tomorrow. I want one that is mostly squirrel proof.......are you laughing???

Judy S. said...

I love house finches! They're one of the few birds out this way with red in them. We've not had any birds at our feeder for ages...the rainy weather I guess.

NMjewel said...

Just bought a spring-loaded bird feeder: If anything heavier than birds (i.e. squirrel) jumps on it, the feeder closes up. We have NO squirrels to test it on. Got it at ACE hardware.
Your bird pics are amazing! Please post a picture of your photography set up. I'd like to see what you use and where it is in the relation to the feeders.