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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Here We Go Again

It's a new Cookie A. sock pattern book and a new selection of sock patterns I just have to knit. Practical or not (mostly not) they're challenging, they're fun to knit, and they're a treat for the eyes.

Yesterday my Knitpicks order arrived and I've been drooling over Knit.Sock.Love ever since.

Why pay shipping when you can buy a little more and get free shipping? So I filled out my needle collection a bit and bought an interesting looking skein of Stroll handpainted sock yarn.

The color name is Kindling Tonal, a beautiful mix of warm browns.

Knit.Sock.Love is artistically photographed with multiple pictures per pattern. Each pattern has one picture that's nothing but the sock, large enough so all the detail can be seen. I really appreciate that.

The pattern above is Pointelle. It's going to be my first sock knit from the book in some lovely Old Rose Slackford Studio Stalwart Sock yarn.

But first I have some Idaho knitting to do. More about that next time I post.


Karen said...

I like the sock pattern you've chosen. I'll be interested to hear your review of the yarn. My daughter gave me a skein of Kindling Tonal for Christmas. I will use it for my first attempt at two-at-a-time sock knitting.

Dorothy said...

I think I may have to buy the book based on that picture alone! That is one of prettiest socks I've ever seen. It would be a great pattern for some Slackford Studio yarn that a dear blogger friend gave me!!

NMjewel said...

Tempting, indeed...

Lynn said...

Nice yarn!!! I like the colors in it!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy knitting Cookie's socks too but do not have her new book. Guess I should head over to the Knitpicks website. I also have some Stroll yarn in my stash but will be interested to hear how you like it.

Kathy said...


My only issue is that my machine wash sock yarn from KnitPicks felted and I have not bought from them again. It has been a few years. Are they better now? Have yours felted???

Judy S. said...

That's one pretty sock! Looks hard though...... Is it toe up?

JoLynn said...

Rhombus is the first pattern, I want to do out of knit.sock.love.
The photogragh is really wonderful.
Yarn choice keeps bouncing between Hazelknits and Cascade Hertiage. I really want to get a pair a sock off my needles first. On the heel of the second scok, so getting close.