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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday Wings - Tree Swallow Nest

Every year we have at least one nest box of Tree Swallows.

This is a picture from two years ago. It would be difficult to improve on this picture, so I'm re-posting it. The light was just right to show the iridescent blue feathers and the posing was perfect to show off the sleek body lines.

The male and female look the same.

This picture is last week.

The Tree Swallows are feisty little birds. They dive bomb my head if I get too close to their nest. Just walking in the same part of the field as their nest causes Mom Swallow to stick her head out and give me what for.

This picture is also from last week.

The swallows line their nests with feathers arranged to insulate the eggs and newly hatched chicks. Inside there are six small white eggs. In just a few weeks they'll all be sitting on the power line learning how to fly.


Judy S. said...

Great photos! They look tidier than the swallows that build their nests of mud in doorways.... and they are blue!

Jan said...

Love that photo of Mum giving you what for!