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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Wings - Front Yard Robin Nest

Close to the front of the house sits Mom Robin on a nest built precariously on a branch about six feet off the ground.

This picture was taken from the road side. The nest is hidden on the house side.

The nest is easily predator accessible so I don't know how much luck she's going to have with it. Also the branch is not sturdy. I was able to pull it down far enough to get a picture of the eggs.

It's by the main door and Mom Robin is nervous about all the activity.

If it gets to the stage where there are hatchlings that look ready to leap out, I'll inconvenience myself for a few days to avoid the area. Sounds like a good excuse to procrastinate mowing the lawn.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope the eggs survive! We have mockingbirds who are attacking our dog every time he goes into the yard. So far we haven't found the nest but I will be happy when this bad tempered mockingbird leaves.

Jean said...

I love your blog, whether you are posting about knitting or wildlife or really just about anything, it is a joy to read.