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Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Whining for June 28

For the past few weeks we've had rain, thunderstorms, rain, and thunderstorms. There have been power outages all around us, but so far we've been spared. Which is amazing considering this 25 foot oak branch landed directly under the power lines leading to the house.

Thanks to all the moisture, the weeds are taking over the land.

The grass is growing at an early spring rate - fast. And I have to pick up sticks before I can mow. I spent half a day picking up sticks last Monday, and this week there are just as many thanks to the past week storms.

Nesting season has slowed down. The tree swallows have fledged and the only box in use has week old wrens.

This is the first wren nest where I've been able to open the nest box. Normally the sticks go all the way to the top and to open the box would be to destroy the nest and possibly crush the eggs or hatchlings.

I heard that Yellow Headed Blackbirds have been seen in my neighborhood. I've never seen one and will be excited if they stop by to visit. Their usual range is west of Lake Michigan and we're east of Lake Michigan.

Five or six times a day the three dogs and I go for a walk on the back three acres. It is untamed except for the paths that I mow for us to walk on. It is bird and wildlife rich, usually a good thing.

The past few weeks the mosquitoes have been/are frantic for blood. They are so thick I'll inhale them if I breath deep. It's difficult to take pictures outdoors because I'm too busy swatting.

Also, there are at least two does bedded down with their fawns nearby. We can't see them until they pop up to snort and glare at us. When this happens, we turn around and head home.

I'd love to see a fawn up close. I have no desire to mess with an irate doe. Glory and Sunny seem to understand we are unwelcome by something bigger than they are. They pretend they don't see or hear anything and they willingly head back to the house. Pappy thinks he should do something, so he gives a little bark before following us out of the area.


Susan said...

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has been whining about the weather lately.

Kathy... said...

Sounds like we are caught in the same weather pattern as you are. My husband has pretty well surrendered his vegetable garden over to the weeds. He just can't get in there to fight them - too muddy. We lost power once - for about 12 hours due to storm damage. So far we are not (personally) experiencing any flooding though - so for that I remain grateful.

Love your photos - as always!

janet said...

Everything is so lush and green due to all that rain, but I could do without the mosquitos! I so enjoy your photos:)

Judy S. said...

Our power was off yesterday for an hour with no storm anywhere! We've had unusually cool and rainy weather here also and a great crop of weeks and moss. All of our plants see in suspended animation and it's hard to believe it's almost July. No mosquitoes though; it's too cool. Love your photos as always.

Dorothy said...

Whine away! Our weather hasn't been much better. We've only had a couple of days that it's gotten over 70. Cold and rainy for us. At least we don't have the mosquitoes. Occasionally we'll get does with fawns that nap in our yard, but the only one I've seen this year has been half grown.

Mamere Knits Too Much said...

oh,i'm so glad to see you say the doe snorts at you! we have one up our drive ~ she actually stomps her front foot too ~ it scared our shih tzu ~ i keep hoping for a fawn look :)