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Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Musings for June 14

Money Down the Drain
Last week we got the septic system fixed. It took almost the whole day and the dogs got very tired.

Glory is old and grumpy. She doesn't think anybody should be in her yard and if they are she thinks she should bite them. Pappy was totally upset that I was outside with strange men and Sunny thought the septic tank pumper trunk was an evil monster out to destroy us all unless she could bark loud enough to keep it under control.

By the time the men left in the late afternoon I was very tired. But we could flush. And I could wash dishes. And do laundry.

Crochet 101
I'm making progress on learning how to crochet. So far I've learned that cheap plastic hooks from the discount store snag the yarn and that row after row of the same crochet stitch is just as boring as knitting stockinette.

Any crocheters reading who would like to recommend their favorite hook?

Anticipating Isaiah
Bible Study Fellowship is doing a study of Isaiah starting next fall, and I'm strongly considering signing up. BSF is an in-depth, non-denominational Bible study meeting two hours a week and requiring daily homework. It's an excellent way to learn more about the Bible.

I did some BSF classes in the late 90's and hope the current teachers are as good as the leaders we had back then.


Dorothy said...

Maggie probably wouldn't have fared any better with that much commotion in her yard either. But flushing is good. No recommendations for crochet hooks other than metal for the smaller sizes work a lot better. My old set is a Susan Boye, but I've lost some of the sizes over the years.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dorothy about the Susan Boye metal crochet needles and have them in every size. For people who have trouble with their wrists hurting, there are newer needles with larger "handles" but I've never needed them. Good luck with your new craft!

Suze said...

My hands often hurt and I have swapped over to a clover hook that has a pen type handle. So far I have only purchased the one and intend to buy more as the pain in my wrist and hand is almost non existant.

Alwen said...

My dogs sympathize. I thought I would go deaf when we had the roof replaces. Poor Truffles just knew she could chase those noises off if she just barked at every one of them.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of the Susan Bates hooks but I can only use the old ones marked "USA." It's probably habit as I think I've used them for 50+ yrs. You can sometimes find them on Ebay. The throat has a deeper cut I think so I don't split or lose the yarn. When I try using anything else, I become a very sloppy crocheter!
This probably isn't of much use to you but they might be worth a try if you can find one.

Kathy... said...

Sofee doesn't even want squirrels in her yard - let alone strange men!! It's amazing the work load these little guys take on as their responsibility isn't it??

I learned to crochet before I learned to knit, but sadly just unable to do it anymore. The rotation movement makes my wrists cry out in pain! The large handled hooks help if you have arthritis issues in your hands, but I don't think there's much you can do about the wrist movement. Luckily neither knitting or spinning bother me, for which I am grateful. At our local Wool/Sheep festival last weekend, there was a vendor selling handcarved crochet hooks. They were so beautiful - total works of art! Good luck on your search for perfect hooks. I used the metal ones - Boye I believe - but that was years ago, and few options existed.

Your BSF sounds very much like something I would enjoy. If you do partake, I hope your instructors are good ones. I'm sure that will have a great impact on how well you enjoy participating.

Nancy G said...

I, too, favor the Boye aluminum crochet hooks by Wrights. I think it's the tapered throats to which I'm most partial; any hook that I've tried that doesn't have that style throat just drives me crazy. (Actually, that would be more of a walk to get there!) I also use a foam cushion on all my hooks, otherwise the pinky finger side of my hand and down my arm go numb from pressure on the ulnar nerve. (TMI?)

PghCathy said...

I say go for it! The study of Isaiah, that it. My Bible study did it about 2 years ago...seemed to take forever because of the length, but a good book. One of my favorite verses is I 6:8.

I do very little crochet, so can't help you on that front.

Sherilan said...

I bought a set of the hooks with flat plastic handles a year or so ago at Jo-Anns online. I bought one initially at Hobby Lobby to try out. I have a set of the metal ones for smaller work. My SIL also uses those with the flat handles. You might try one and see if you like it.

Linda said...

I'm a little late to the party, but I use Susan Bates Hooks. I have both Bates and Boyles, but the Boyles, I think, tend to be rounder and don't grab the yarn as well. I've been crocheting with Bates hooks since I was a teenager in the 60's!