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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chat Back for April 17

Answering questions from comments and email.

JakkiMitch asked . . .
Thanks for the info about CotLin. I've always wondered how it would hold up. What issue is the second sweater from?

This sweater, Vines and Leaves by E. J. Slayton, is from the May 2010 Creative Knits, the same issue as the Sprout sweater I'm currently knitting.

Sister Carrie commented on her Panda Cotton birthday socks from a year ago . . .
The blue pair has been washed many times...the color holds fast, and they still look like new!

I'm so happy to hear this. Now I can knit Panda Cotton gift socks with peace of mind.

Laurie asked . . .
Lots of purling in the round. Would you consider turning it inside out and knitting in the round?

I did consider it.

Knitting inside out would work if I did the homework to convert the vine pattern for the wrong side/knit side of the fabric. I was looking for an easy knit and decided to purl and go with the pattern chart.

I've been pleasantly surprised that the purling is more rhythmic and relaxing than I imagined. I did knit a purl gauge swatch in the round because I feared my gauge would be different than stockinette in the round, and it is. I had to go up a needle size to #4s from the #3s I usually use to get 6 stitches/inch with Cotlin.

Judy S. asked . . .
Have you converted many patterns to "in the round?"
I prefer knitting in the round and convert to that technique whenever practical for the pattern and style being knit.
Interesting! Do you alter the pattern?

It takes a little thought about how many stitches need to be cast on. Sometimes I do an underarm faux seam like the one in this gansey.

The underarm sleeve shaping also needs to be tweaked to accommodate however the sleeve is going to be knit - picked up stitches? Knit flat according to pattern and seamed? Knit in the round and sewn in? Underarm gusset?

If the sweater has a stitch pattern, the wrong side rows need to be converted to right side rows, easy if the pattern has charts. Easy if the wrong side rows are knit the knits and purl the purls. A little more challenging if there is wrong side row patterning and/or shaping.

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